Friday, December 2nd, 2022
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MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers this week unveiled his massive, $91 billion biennial budget plan for 2021-23.

Here’s a breakdown of the key numbers:

Total Spending

General Program Revenue(GPR): Up about $3.2 billion over the biennium

All Funds: An increase of About $7.9 billion over the biennium

Percent Increase Over Last Budget

GPR: 7.3% in the first year, 2% in the second year

All Funds: 9.3% in the first year, 0.4% in the second year

Total Tax Increases:

Over $1 billion in tax increases.

The increases include manufacturer tax hikes and rollbacks on lower capital gains taxes

Non-fiscal Policy

Marijuana Legalization

Redistricting reform (calls for the legislature to take up “The people’s maps”)

Medicaid expansion

Repealing prevailing wage and right to work

Substantial repeal of Act 10

Expanded firearms background checks

Government Job Increase (new Full-time equivalent positions): 363.95 GPR

Debt and Deficit

Structural Deficit:  $938.3 million deficit at the end of FY23

Projected $1.338 billion deficit at the end of the 2023-25 budget (next budget out).

Ends the next budget with only $47 million cash balance.

Big-ticket spending

$1.6 billion increase for Department of Public Instruction. The request comes in the wake or nearly $1 billion in COVID-19 relief funding from the federal government.

$463 million more for Department of Health Services

$320 million additional for Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., including $100 million venture capital fund.

$247 million more for the Department of Children and Families

$192 million increase to UW System budget

$156 million in additional funding for the Public Service Commission

$127 million more for Department of Workforce Dev

Johnson seeks to end military shot mandate

Johnson seeks to end military shot mandate

December 1, 2022

Johnson seeks to end military shot mandate