Sunday, December 4th, 2022
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MADISON — Liberals are pushing divisive critical race theory (CRT) and racist “antiracism” dogma just about everywhere these days — including the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

This week, the VA held a cyberseminar on Health Equity and Action. It focused on Antiracism Resources and the Impact of Racism within the VA.

“Learn more about accessing antiracism, discrimination and diversity resources and examine the impact of racism within VA,” the seminar announcement states.

The intended audience, according to the VA, are researchers, clinicians, care coordinators, policy makers, educators, data analysts, Veteran stakeholders and representatives of vulnerable Veteran groups “who are interested in understanding and/or promoting equitable health among all Veterans.”

The same government agency that has failed to deliver basic health care to U.S. veterans is making it a priority to push theories that assert the same liberty-loving republic these veterans fought for is systemically racist.

Featured presenters included Brandon Williams, a licensed clinical social worker and member of the antiracism and Black Equity Advisory Board, Diversity and Inclusion Workgroup, and the Social Work Service Social Justice Committee, Durham VA Health Care System.

“The federal government has a million and one problems in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, it’s spending, The last thing in the world federal employees in any department need to worry about is how to institutionalize racism and turn on each other,” said Kevin Nicholson, a businessman, Marine Corps veteran, and serves as Volunteer President and CEO of No Better Friend Corp. The nonprofit organization has taken on the radical left ideology head-on, recently holding the first No Better Friend Corp. Forum on the Plague of Critical Race Theory.

The Biden administration has pushed race-based, leftist indoctrination throughout federal agencies, and the VA is no exception.

To deal with a troubling increase in homeless veterans, the Veterans Health Administration is seeking racial diversity consultants to help “”transform” its homeless programs “into a racially equitable and just organization,” according to Fox News.

“Creating racially equitable systems demands that systems not simply be diverse, but that they be explicitly anti-racist,” the VHA’s Homeless Programs Office (HPO) said in a contract opportunity document.

The transformation reportedly is in response to a “continued spate of police violence against Black Americans.”

According to Fox News, the contractor will assist the HPO “in providing racially equitable services to Veterans and identify opportunities to address disparities caused by systemic racism” and will “conduct a document review to [identify] opportunities in which racial equity and racial justice can be implemented.”

Nicholson, who served two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2007 and 2009, said the Marine Corps is the institution he has personally experienced that was best at taking people from all walks of life — all regions, socio-economic categories, all races — and combining them in to a culture of equality. Equality, not phony notions of equity.

“It’s a place where people are treated on the basis of merit and truly judged by their capabilities,” the veteran said. “Now we’re seeing this insidiousness, this pitting people against each other because of race.”

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