Saturday, November 26th, 2022
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Wisconsin Spotlight  | Dec. 28, 2020 

MADISON — The Evers administration claims former Department of Workforce Development Secretary Caleb Frostman didn’t receive any settlement or related payments after his forced resignation. Evers effectively fired Frostman in September after he lead the state’s failed response to the worst unemployment crisis in memory.

But that may be a matter of semantics. 

On Dec. 6, Wisconsin Spotlight filed an open records request with the state Department of Administration seeking “all records and information regarding any financial compensation information, including any possible settlement, severance, or other payments” to Frostman “for his resignation” from the Evers administration.  

DOA legal counsel David Rabe responded on Wednesday that the agency “has no records of any settlement, severance, or other payments to Mr. Frostman for his resignation.”

“Please note that our Division of Personnel Management also inquired with DWD regarding your request, and we can confirm DWD also has no records of any settlement, severance, or other payments to Mr. Frostman for his resignation,” the attorney wrote. 

Wisconsin Spotlight has followed up with a revised request seeking compensation payouts to Frostman FOLLOWING his resignation. 

Gov. Tony Evers asked for Frostman’s resignation on Sept. 18. He departed after six months of agency failures that kept tens of thousands of claimants waiting months for their Unemployment Insurance benefits. 

Frostman was among several Evers’ cabinet members getting double-digit salary increases upon taking office. He began his tenure in 2019 making $140,000, a 10 percent raise over his predecessor. 

A Wisconsin Spotlight investigation earlier this month found Evers had little contact with Frostman throughout the crisis, according to communications obtained in an open records request. 

Evers told Wispolitics.com that his administration did “everything humanly possible” to handle the onslaught of unemployment claims. 

An audit released earlier this months came to a different conclusion. 

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