Friday, December 2nd, 2022
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WINDSOR, Wis. —  On Aug. 11, No Better Friend Corp. went to Dane County – the most liberal enclave in our state – gathered hundreds of people, and boldly told the truth: no other human-made institution has freed more souls and enabled more success than America, and we at No Better Friend refuse to stand by as a group of socialist manipulators try to undermine our society.

Our Dane County forum on fighting critical race theory (CRT) was the second we have hosted this summer, and saw about 400 people in attendance. Previously in June, we hosted just over 600 people at our first forum on fighting CRT in Pewaukee. We once again had an outstanding lineup of leaders in the fight against CRT, including Vivek Ramaswamy, Dr. James Lindsay, Mike Gonzalez, and Adam Coleman.

Framing the evening was a presentation from Mike Gonzalez that gave the historical context of CRT. Gonzalez, a scholar at The Heritage Foundation, said, “Critical race theory sows distrust in institutions. And critical legal theory sows distrust in law. With critical race theory, it justifies crime. It tries to justify dysfunction, instead of living up to better habits and practices. And I find that absolutely disgusting.”

Adam Coleman, author of Black Victim to Black Victor, built on Gonzalez’s remarks as he shared part of his life with the audience.

“My story is not uncommon for a lot of black people in America these days. You can pretty much guess the odds of if they grew up without a father. Critical race theory would have done nothing for me as a child. It would have made my life worse, not better. There is nothing that the government can do to replace who my father could have been.”

For proponents of CRT, the goal is to make race central to every aspect of American life, and to separate people permanently on the basis of skin color.

“There is a new culture of fear in our country,” said Vivek Ramaswamy, biotech entrepreneur and author of the just-released, Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam. “Fear of losing your job. Fear of your kid getting a bad grade in school. Fear of becoming a pariah in your community. But that is the opposite of what American democracy is all about.”

Closing out the night was the ever-sarcastic and prolific tweeter, Dr. James Lindsay, who very succinctly stated, “Equity: Socialism, but by race.”

The overwhelming attendance we’re seeing at these events makes it clear: the people of Wisconsin are fed up and ready to take a stand against the elitists in our schools, corporations, and governments who are making the mistake of incorporating elements of CRT – nothing more than racialized Marxism – into daily life, education, and work.

Since our events, people from across Wisconsin have reached out to our team citing examples of CRT in their daily life, with many examples in schools throughout the state. I’ve spoken to and heard from parents in various districts – places like Waunakee, Verona, Germantown, Burlington, Amery, and more. In fact, it was two parents from Waunakee I met earlier this summer who asked me to bring the fight against CRT to Dane County – and we did.

We are seeing parent groups from across the state fighting back, as they refuse to stand by and let their children be indoctrinated by a poisonous ideology. Needless to say, far left school board members do not like seeing the people of Wisconsin standing up and fighting back.  For example, Oconomowoc recently had three school board members resign; Burlington parents are fighting back against CRT; and in the Arrowhead School District, where my family and I live, a group of parents recently asked me to come and speak to the school board to ask them to stop using CRT-infused materials in teacher training materials.

On the legislative front, my wife, Jessie, joined many other parents and community members who testified in favor of both Senate Bill 463 last week at the Wisconsin State Capitol. I’m proud of her for sharing our family’s experience of trying to access the curriculum materials being used in our children’s classrooms. We believe that this legislation is a good step in the right direction toward curriculum transparency within our state’s public schools that will allow for accountability – and ultimately, legal recourse. As we continually hear the refrain of “no CRT here!” from school boards and administrators, parents should be empowered to easily review the materials used to teach their children in publicly-funded institutions.

Our team often gets asked by Wisconsinites, “So, what can I do to stop CRT?” Given the importance of this issue, No Better Friend Corp. recently launched a website with resources to help the people of Wisconsin fight back. I urge you to take up the fight against those who would permanently pit us against each other on the basis of skin color, and to use the resources on our website to help identify, define, and ultimately fight CRT wherever you find it.

The dystopian state of affairs that has existed in our nation since government lockdowns began over a year and a half ago has clearly emboldened the American left to attempt to undermine the foundation of our nation. They are attacking the guarantee of individual rights and individual accountability that underpins our society.

Leftist extremists hoped that, while Americans were disjointed and distracted by COVID-19 (and the accompanying policy disasters related to COVID-19), they could replace America’s enshrinement of individual liberty with collective guilt and collective responsibility as dictated by would-be elites. They got caught in the act, and are now pretending that CRT is not real – or is only a “theory” taught in law school. But it is real – it’s here — and it has the potential to tear our society apart.

I firmly believe that a republic of free people – who look different and who come from all different places on Earth – cannot survive if its citizens are constantly told by their educators, corporate managers, and political leaders that they must be permanently and intractably defined by the color of their skin. So, we must stop this insanity, and forge a path forward that empowers all Americans to succeed.

My team and I are committed to putting a stop to the plague that is critical race theory, and to building a better future for us all. Join us as we take this fight – and the fight for the future of our state and nation – across Wisconsin.

Kevin Nicholson is a businessman and volunteer president and CEO of No Better Friend Corp., a conservative public policy group in Wisconsin. He is a combat veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps (Iraq, 2007 and Afghanistan, 2008-2009) and was a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2018. Follow him on Twitter @KevinMNicholson.

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