Saturday, November 26th, 2022
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Wisconsin Spotlight | May 28, 2020

After a long, gruelling battle of government games, Waukesha County is poised to become Wisconsin’s next Second Amendment sanctuary. 

On Tuesday, the Waukesha County Board approved (18-7) Supervisor Steve Whittow’s resolution affirming gun ownership rights granted under the constitution and that no law or ordinance shall infringe upon those rights.

“It  took 4 1/2 months of games to get what should have been a slam dunk through,” Whittow told Empower Wisconsin Wednesday. “They tried to make it more of a partisan issue, but supporting the Second Amendment is a nonpartisan issue.” 

As Empower Wisconsin reported in March, the resolution was originally waylaid by County Board Chairman Paul Decker, who insisted that county policy didn’t allow the board to take up “controversial” resolutions. With the assistance of the Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty, a constitution-first organization, and the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, resolution supporters learned there was no such policy tying the hands of Waukesha County Board members. 

That didn’t stop board leadership and opponents from trying to stall the resolution. At Tuesday’s board meeting, Supervisor Peter Wolff attempted to water down the measure. 

“He introduced an amendment that basically took out all of the Second Amendment language, anything related to firearms, anything related to sanctuaries. He wanted to gut it, and I knew he wasn’t going to vote for it anyway,” Whittow said. 

The amendment was rejected. Whittow got what he wanted — an up or down vote. 

After the executive committee previously voted against the resolution (5-2) and the chairman sought to again delay a vote until next month, Whittow said supporters were “energized.” They made phone calls, sent emails, urged their representatives to stand up for Second Amendment rights, and they showed up for the meeting. 

When the dust settled, even Decker was among the “yes” votes. 

“The truth prevailed. We made our case. We got her done,” Whittow said. 

Waukesha and Marquette counties became the seventh and eighth Wisconsin counties to pass Second Amendment resolutions, within 24 hours of each other, according to the GrandSons of Liberty, a leading proponent of local Second Amendment protections.   

Whittow said Waukesha’s support could create a domino effect of Second Amendment resolutions in southeast Wisconsin’s other WOW counties. 

“I’m expecting Washington, Ozaukee, and Walworth counties to get their butts in gear and get their version of a Second Amendment resolution passed,” the supervisor said.

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