Sunday, December 4th, 2022
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MADISON — Some of the farthest left lawmakers in Wisconsin have introduced their idea of an “Economic Bill of Rights.”

The socialist manifesto disguised as a legislative resolution reads like an entry-level college course on Marxism. It’s chock-full of  “equity,” “social justice,” and protections against “oppression” —  those terms, of course, defined by the far left. The resolution also is long on forced union dues and massive increases in government and taxes, but the founders of this Bill of Rights leave those important details out.

So what do you get for your money? These impossible promises:

  • An equitable, living-income and livelihood
  • A union, public or private, and collective bargaining
  • Affordable and accessible high-quality healthcare
  • Equitable and accessible public education and child care
  • Pollution-free water and a healthy planet
  • High quality, safe housing
  • Reliable, climate-friendly transportation
  • A fair and equitable justice system
  • Life, self-determination, and liberation regardless of race, ethnicity,  socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability status and age
  • Live free from fear of racial, religious, and gender oppression(s)

“The time has come to start speaking clearly and consistently to the aspirations of our fellow citizens in all their diversity. We must embrace the best of Wisconsin’s past and articulate a clear vision for our future. With this in mind, we propose a modern-day Economic Justice Bill of Rights for All Wisconsinites,” sayeth the bill’s co-sponsors.

Co-sponsors, at least according to the memo sent to lawmakers this week, include Dem. Reps. Kristina Shelton, Francesca Hong, Jonathan Brostoff, Sue Conley, Dora Drake, Greta Neubauer, Christine Sinicki, Lee Snodgrass & Mark Spreitzer, as well as Sens. Melissa Agard (D-Madison) and Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee).

The Economic Justice Bill of Rights for all Wisconsinites states “every person of Wisconsin urban, suburban, or rural; white, African American, APIDA, Latinx, or Native, LGTBTQ+, and people of all ability statuses are entitled to these rights,” according to the sponsorship memo. But it’s really another leftist re-distribution scheme to benefit the liberal special interest groups that generously contribute to the campaigns of lawmakers like the bill’s sponsors.

It’s a knockoff of the so-called Economic Justice Act that liberals in the U.S. Senate introduced in December. That bill, however, spells out the $455 billion congress would siphon from American taxpayers everywhere to “address systemic racism and historic underinvestment in communities of color.”

U.S. Senate Democrats, like their brethren in the Wisconsin Legislature, use COVID-19 to sell their socialist bill.

“Through eleven key initiatives, the Economic Justice Act aims to immediately help communities of color respond to the pandemic by investing over $135 billion in underfunded critical priorities, including child care, mental health and primary care, growth of minority-owned businesses, and job creation,” states a press release. “This legislation also seeks to build long lasting wealth and health in these communities over the next five years by investing over $300 billion for infrastructure, a homeowner down payment tax credit, Medicaid expansion, and more.”

The liberals behind the Economic Bill of Rights use the same rhetoric.

“Before COVID-19, many Wisconsinites struggled to find living-wage jobs, access quality and affordable healthcare, and ensure their children receive a world-class public education. However, this unprecedented health crisis has made these glaring problems even worse,” the co-sponsors assert.

Many of these initiatives, in varying degrees, are already contained in Gov. Tony Evers’ $91 biennial budget proposal.

Again, the “rights” the legislation demands don’t come with a price tag, but the authors of this bad bill of sales insist Wisconsin voters support their hard turn left on the path to socialism.

“..(W)ith broad support for bold and progressive policy relating to our current public health and economic crises, the establishment of an Economic Justice Bill of Rights is essential to ensure a commitment to meeting the needs of all peoples of Wisconsin,” the legislation boasts.

Read the Economic Bill of Rights resolution here.

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