Sunday, December 4th, 2022
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MADISON  — Gov. Tony Evers’ Department of Workforce Development giveth and taketh away. 

A New Berlin resident stuck in the dysfunctional DWD system, sadly, can testify to that painful fact. 

She applied for unemployment benefits in early April, according to legislative documents. Her application was confirmed, but she hadn’t received payments until recently. Then, on Wednesday, the woman learned that DWD was putting her payments on hold for three weeks. 

Meanwhile, her husband’s federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance application has been stuck in limbo for months.

For tens of thousands of unemployment claimants the nightmare goes on. Many have lost just about everything while they wait and wait for answers that never arrive. 

“Just wondering if Wisconsin DWD and above realizes that, due to their incompetence, people seeking work that got a job offer have now had to refuse jobs because they had their vehicles repossessed, had to move to a place where public transportation isn’t, and/ or can’t afford Uber or Lyft? “Refusing work” has taken a whole new meaning…….,” Faith Danbrova wrote on the Wisconsin Unemployment Support Group Facebook page last week. 

As of June 27, DWD reported more than a half million claims in process, including claims awaiting wage verification and adjudication. More than 141,000 claimants still are waiting to know whether they’ll receive the benefits they’ve applied for. Many have waited months.

Of the 3.7 million weekly claims received between March 15 and June 27, 2.76 million have been approved. More than 433,000 have been denied. 

The waiting is taking a toll. Anxiety and frustration are growing. 

“I just missed a call from a (608) area code when i was mowing the lawn… no message was left. When I try to call the number back it says out of service! Could this be an adjudicator??” a member of the online support group asked. 

When, finally, the long wait is over, the relief is beyond belief. 

“The miracle happened! Out of the blue,no notice,no call, just there after 11 weeks of waiting. I know it will for you too!!” wrote Betti another claimant on the Facebook page last week. 

For too many, like , the painful wait goes on. 

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