Friday, December 2nd, 2022
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Wisconsin Spotlight | Dec. 30,  2021

It was another busy year for the investigations team at Wisconsin Spotlight.

Like 2020, 2021 has been a dangerous time for government growth, and government abuse. Wisconsin Spotlight tracked the many threats to individual liberty — from federal, state and local governments. And we shined a bright light on the radical left indoctrination invading Wisconsin’s pre-K-12 public schools and institutions of higher education.

But our most extensive investigative work centered on the 2020 presidential election. The following is a review of Wisconsin Spotlight’s top stories of 2021.

Infiltrating the Election

In late March, Wisconsin Spotlight began publishing a series of investigative reports on liberal voter activist groups embedded in the election offices of Wisconsin’s five largest, Democrat-voting cities, The groups were richly funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife. Emails obtained by Wisconsin Spotlight showed a long-time Democratic Party operative next to boxes of absentee ballots and working with local elections officials on “curing” or correcting ballot information. The cities and the liberal activists were also engaged in data mining to target likely Democratic voters. Wisconsin Spotlight’s reporting was covered nationally and has sparked legislative investigations and election lawsuits. Expect more to come on this critical topic in the New Year.

Closed Records

In February, Wisconsin Spotlight and Fox6 Milwaukee teamed up on an investigation into the Evers administration’s abysmal open records record. Despite promising to uphold Wisconsin’s “rich tradition of transparency and accountability,”  Gov. Tony Evers and his administration have been playing hide and seek with the media, the legislature and the general public, the report found.

Well-Paid Secretaries

A Wisconsin Spotlight investigation revealed the hefty salaries Evers’ cabinet is hauling in. Four members of the governor’s leadership team have maxed out on their raises. They legally can’t make any more. If they did, they would be raking in as much as the governor.

Abusive Schools

The pandemic era power-grabbing continued in 2021, and public schools were some of the worst offenders. Wisconsin Spotlight covered the intimidation tactics of educrats and school board members, obtaining internal records documenting the abuses. In Lodi, school officials called police on parents who chipped in to pay for a civil rights attorney to advise the school board that the district’s heavy-handed policies were violating constitutional rights. We got the 911 call. In Eau Claire, the county health czar got a court order and law enforcement to remove a 14-year-old girl from school because she was said to have come into close contact with a student who had COVID-19. And in Waterloo, Wisconsin Spotlight exposed the heavy-handedness of a local health official and the lies of a malleable school board.

Pandemic power trip

Abuses of power occurred across the board. The Biden administration’s order mandating employers with 101 or more workers get the COVID vaccine or undergo routine testing put Wisconsin businesses in a difficult position. But some companies were more than happy to comply with the constitutionally suspect mandate. Wisconsin Spotlight reported on the health care professionals who resisted the vax orders, and paid dearly for their liberty stand. We uncovered the federal government’s heavy handed treatment of small meat processors, some forced out of business. And we detailed legislation aimed at stopping the government and corporate silencers of free speech.

Unemployment Meltdown Goes On

In 2020, Wisconsin Spotlight investigations exposed the Department of Workforce Development’s dysfunctional unemployment insurance system. Tens of thousands of displaced Wisconsin workers waited months for DWD to process and approve jobless claims. Despite false claims by the Evers administration, the problems didn’t go away when the calendar turned. We continued to shed light on one of the worst government failures in state history.

Get the full story at WisconsinSpotlight.com

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